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Suitable for Hyundai i30 N Fastback and Hatchback

Focus Tracktools: OEM fit plug & play combined with maximum weight savings & at the same time roadworthy even in modern vehicles with IBS.

  • Weight: 4.0kg
  • 20Ah nominal capacity (60Ah Pbeq)
  • 960 CCA cold start power
  • Dimensions (mm): 278x175x188
  • Approved for vehicles with IBS
  • Suitable for vehicles with recuperation
  • Conditionally suitable for winter*
  • Plug & Play in exchange with a maximum 60Ah lead-acid/AGM battery

The LithiumNEXT TRACK60 is developed for use in tracktools, which are mainly used on the race track. The LiFePO4 cell technology used and proven in motorsports and a specially developed BMS find their place together in an OEM battery housing.

Thus, the LithiumNEXT Track models combine absolute lightweight construction and extremely easy handling. The TRACK models can be exchanged plug & play with the heavy OEM battery. Please note the size and capacity of your original vehicle battery.

The LithiumNEXT TRACK60 has like all LithiumNEXT batteries a BMS with deep discharge protection at 8.5V and over voltage protection at 15.2V. In case of longer standstill times (depending on the vehicle 4-8 weeks) the battery should be recharged in order to be able to supply the full starting current at the next vehicle start. This is especially important for vehicles with IBS and at cold temperatures.

Important: For vehicles whose alternator is controlled by an IBS, the battery must be re-tuned - this is a basic requirement of the vehicle - not the battery.

*The Lithiumnext TRACK models are only suitable for winter use to a limited extent. That means: If the battery is fully charged (min. 13,2V) the vehicle can be started even at -20 degreesC. In principle, the battery is not intended for everyday use in winter (see LithiumNEXT STREET models).

Vehicle selection:

The TRACK60 fits Tracktools with an original lead-acid or AGM battery of maximum 60Ah and a minimum width of 278mm.